Descubrimiento inolvidable del Carnaval.

Estudiantes jugando a disfrazarse en el museo de la samba de Río de Janeiro.

A hidden gem in the district of Mangueira, a visit to the museum of Samba was the perfect way to add a bit of colour and brightness to a rainy afternoon. A mix of culture, history, art, music and a whole lot of fun, the museum tells the story of Samba right from its birth out of the liberation of Afro-Brazilian enslaved peoples in the 19th century right up to the celebration of Samba carnival is famous for today. We were fortunate to have a guide to take us around the museum, she is the granddaughter of the founder of the museum and a samba singer herself, and so she was able to tell us the story of samba with much heart and soul. The museum has so much to see, and hear – with the costumes, models and sculptures on display and of course the sounds of Samba in every room – like a musical art gallery. We were also shown a film about the history of Samba and the creation of samba schools – which was really interesting. Finally, and my favourite part of this RioLIVE!, we had the opportunity to try on some of the carnival costumes and practise some of our best samba moves! I’m not sure any of us will make it to the Sapucai, but all of us agreed we have a new appreciation and heart for Samba, from the Museu da Samba.

Charlene Anderson, Inglaterra

Conociendo la historia de la samba

Nuestra primera RioLIVE! en el Museo de la Samba fue emocionante. Descubrimos la historia oculta de la samba, bailamos con descendientes de leyendas de la samba y disfrutamos de un interesante documental sobre el Carnaval, al tiempo que mejorábamos nuestro portugués. ¿Lo más destacado? Probarse auténticos disfraces de Carnaval: un recuerdo imborrable.

Sala con disfraces de carnaval.

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