Paseo en barco Río de Janeiro – RioLIVE! Weekends

Meeting: 12:00 at Rio & Learn 
Costs: 200,00 reais

Rio de Janeiro has a lot of attractions and natural wonders to offer, and it’s good to know as many of them as possible! There are plenty of beaches, historical monuments, charming neighborhoods and unique nature and wildlife. All this makes Rio de Janeiro loved by many.

¿Y si exploramos Río de Janeiro con una excursión en barco?

During the next RioLIVE! Weekends, you can experience the beauty of Rio de Janeiro from a unique perspective!! A boat tour over the carioca sea is a wonderful way to appreciate the city from a different angle. The Rio-Niterói Bridge is definitely an iconic landmark, and it will be fascinating to see it up close.

On top of that, the tour passes by Fiscal Island (»Ilha Fiscal»), a little spot in the Rio bay with a fascinating backstory. This island hosted the last royal ball of the Portuguese empire, right before the Brazilian Republic was proclaimed. Enjoy the sea breeze and have a wonderful time taking in the sights and sounds of this beautiful city!

During the tour you can enjoy some some fruits, suitable to the tropical climate. This activity will be an amazing opportunity to see Rio de Janeiro from a unique perspective, while practicing Portuguese. It also includes a stop at the Marine’s museum, where you can climb into a real submarine! Isn’t that incredible?

Take a look at our map below and discover the area we’re going to explore!!

¡No hay nada mejor que aprender divirtiéndose, así que ven a Rio & Learn , estudia portugués y pásatelo bien con RioLIVE! Weekends. Y si quieres saber más sobre barcos para venir preparado, ¡tenemos la Dica perfecta para ti!

Boat tour at Guanabara Bay - Rio de Janeiro

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