Estava em Português. Eles estavam felizes!

Estava in Portuguese

Hi, guys! Today, in our Video Dica, we’re going to check out the verb Estava in Portuguese, the imperfect past form of the verb Estar.

As we already know, we use the imperfect forms when speaking about a habit or repetitive or long situations in the past, as well as simultaneous or interrupted actions.

 So here we have the conjugation of the verb Estava: 

Estava in Portuguese.

In the example Eu estava em casa na semana passada (I was home last week) we’re talking about a specific period in which I stayed home. 

Informal Form: Tava

Sometimes you may hear Portuguese speakers using tava instead of estava, that’s the informal use of the verb, almost like a slang.

Luciano: Pô, cara. Foi mal não ter te ligado, ontem eu tava muito ocupado.
Dude. Sorry for not calling, yesterday I was really busy.

Ele tava pulando de alegria.
He was jumping of joy.

Expressions with Estava in Portuguese

The Verb Estava can also be used with feelings or moods. Such as:

Estava triste
Estava feliz
Estava frio
Estava cansado
Was sad
Was happy
Was cold
Was tired

Não fui à festa porque eu estava muito cansado.
I didn’t go to the party because I was really tired.

Eu não estava feliz ontem
I wasn’t happy yesterday.

Estava frio hoje de manhã
It was cold this morning.

That’s it, guys! Don’t forget to practice daily with us here at A Dica do Dia!

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