Explored Nature

Explored Nature

Portuguese students at Escola de artes Visuais.
Portuguese students at Escola de artes Visuais.

The parque lage is a beautiful parc in the center of Rio with a magnificient building housing an arte school with inspiring views of nature and Christo de redemptor. Also discovering acquariums and caves in the parc! Grateful for RioLIVE! relaxing activity in the tranquility of nature with scenic views.

Daniel Gauthier, Canada.

Explored Nature.
Explored Nature.

Called by the students as a natural paradise in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Parque Lage is a great plce to speak Portuguese. As it is a very calm place, we walked a little bit and explored nature inside it also enjoying a great view of Cristo de Redentor. Our students used their Portuguese skills very well to make questions about the history of the place.

Our RioLIVE! started at the Visual Arts School, where we could watch painters preparing their art. The most interesting part was that in this moment everybody could interact and make questions about the paintings that were being done. After that, we visited the outside part of the Parque Lage , we visited the fountain, the aquarium, the cave, the tower and other beauties that this place has. It was an amazing afternoon.

Come you too to have and speak Portuguese with our RioLIVE! Activities.

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