Exploring Parque Lage

Exploring Parque Lage

Exploring Parque Lage and its arts
Exploring Parque Lage and its arts

I went on my first activity with the school today. We took one of the many buses here in Rio. The Parque Lage was a nice and quiet place to visit. An older building surrounded by lush tropical vegetation was a welcome reprieve from the noisy, hustle-bustle in the streets. There were many artists painting in the courtyard of the building. I enjoyed the opportunity to visit a peaceful place that was not on the ´tourist trail´.

Stacy Martin, Canada


Our students from France, Italy, Iceland, Spain, Sweden, Canada visited Parque Lage at this time. Exploring Parque Lage is a very good activity to do here in Rio de Janeiro, specially because it is located in the same neighborhood of Jardim Botânico, you have two good options to visit in Rio.

They started the visitation walking through the big garden inside the park, then they went inside the massion located there (since the residence belonged to the popular industrialist Enrique Lage in the 1920s.) Inside the building they could meet a beautiful  architecture and also they could get amazed by the EAV Paerque Lage, a very famous arts school that works inside it.

Exploring Parque Lage is definitely a program that everybody should do, our students did, what about you? What are you waiting for?












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