Exploring Santa Teresa: Gastronomy and Fun

A cultural journey in Santa Teresa

We a had wonderfully eventful trip to Santa Teresa for luncheon!!! It had all started so well! And then upon reaching the train we discovered it was closed due to over capacity. This was just the start of our troubles! Taking a Uber, and entering Santa Teresa the car had catastrophic puncture which meant we finished the journey by foot, taking the opportunity to look at the lovely selection of the shops onroute to the restaurant. Fortunately the restaurant offered a wonderful respite from the hustle and bustle of Santa Teresa with wonderful selection of traditional Portuguese food including Monqeca, feijoada and vegetarian options. With the opportunity for a lovely walk afterwards through the attractive and more tranquil streets of Santa Teresa visiting Parque das Ruínas and the beautiful Selarón stairway!

David Flood, England

Sliding through the colors of Escadaria Selarón

Exploring Santa Teresa: Gastronomy and Fun. Everyone had the opportunity to learn more about the rich Brazilian culture while enjoying a tasty feijoada, admiring the beauty of Ruins Park, and having fun at the lively Selarón Steps during our interesting visit to Santa Teresa. They engaged with local traditions, became interested in the food, the landscapes, and the relaxed moments, as well as practicing Portuguese. It was an educational and enjoyable experience!

Savoring authentic carioca feijoada

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Parque Glória Maria em Santa Teresa

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