Exploring Vidigal

Exploring Vidigal

Exploring Vidigal and relaxing at the Favela.
Exploring Vidigal.

We had a very good time going to the Dois Irmãos.  The climbing provides good exercise and exceptional views.  We went through a favela before reaching the trail.  Very interesting to see such a strange neighborhood vernacular architecture at its best!!!  Once on the top of the mountain, the view is breathtaking!  You see the whole city, the bay, the mountains surrounding the city and the beaches.  It`s worth the effort!!!  Coming back was a lot easier!  And we got a reward: tasting açaí, a Brazilian fruit, in a small restaurant in Vidigal.  What a day!!!  Thanks Rio & Learn!

Jean Boucher, Canada.

Having fun at Morro Dois Irmãos. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Having fun at Morro Dois Irmãos.

Yesterday, we had an incredible mission: Exploring Vidigal. It means, walking around the favela and after, making the hiking at Morro Dois Irmãos. When we arrived at Favela do Vidigal, our Portuguese students were very excited with idea of having a RioLIVE! that they could know a favela, and besides that, having the challenge of doing a big hiking that in the end, it would bring an amazing view of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Exploring Vidigal was really tiring , but everybody took this challenge and could finish it. When we started our activity, the students practiced their Portuguese a lot with local vendors. After finishing our mission, we came back and had some açaí, everybody was tired, but very happy with this adventure.
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