Expression Pagar um mico

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Today, we are going to learn one more expression at the Brazilian Portuguese. The expression Pagar um mico.

The expression Pagar um mico is an old expression that is the same of feeling embarassed or when someone does something funny.

Let’s see some structures using the expression Pagar um mico:


1 – José pagou um mico quando conversou com a sogra dele no telefone pensando que era a namorada.
1 – José felt embarassed when he talked to his mother in law thinking about his girlfriend on the phone.

2 – O vento levantou a saia daquela moça no meio da rua. Que mico!
2 – The wind lifted up that lady’s skirt. That was very embarassing!

3 – Falei mal da moça que estava dançando na festa com meu amigo sem saber que ela era a mãe dele. Um mico!
3 – I said bad things about that lady that was dancing at the party with my friend without knowing that she is his mother. What an awkward situation!

4 – Na hora da foto, Marina estava dormindo. Que micão!
4 – When we took the picture, Marina was sleeping. That was very funny!

5 – Ele pagou um grande mico quando onda do mar levou a sunga dele. Todo mundo viu.
5 – He was very embarassed when the waves on the beach took his trunks away. Everybody was watching.


Well guys, that’s it.
Today, we have learned the expression Pagar um mico, one more expression in Portuguese.

Bye, bye! Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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