Soccer Slang in Portuguese

Soccer Slang in Portuguese. Ele marcou um golaço!
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On our Dica today, we’ll learn the soccer slang in Portuguese. Did you know that soccer is also an olympic sport? We talked about it and many other sports on our Olympic Dicas, which you can watch any time on our Playlist on YouTube.

First, let’s see some soccer slang in Portuguese and understand their meanings on our small list:

Soccer Slangs

Açougueiro – aggressive or violent player.
– the player that scores the most number of goals in a match or championship.
Banheirista – the player that stays only in the goal area.
Baladeiro – a player that loves to party.
Bicicleta – kick in which the player hits the ball by throwing his body backward up in the air.
– the player that falls to the ground easily, sometimes on purpose.
Caneta – when  a player passes the ball between another player’s legs.
Carrinho – when a player tries to take the ball from another player by hitting the ball while sliding.
– the player that teases, tempts and leads another player astray.
Chapéu / Lençol – when a player throws the ball over another player’s head.
Craque – a very good player.
Frangueiro – the goalkeeper that allows a goal that would be easily avoided.
Foguete / Torpedo – very strong kick.
Ganhar de virada – when the team is losing and turns the game around and win.
Golaço – an outstanding goal.
Gol do meio da rua – scoring with a kick when the player is far from the goal.
Ladrão – the player that comes from behind and takes the ball.
Perna de pau – a very bad player.
Pipoqueiro – the player that people have lots of expectations, but in the end, he doesn’t meet the expectations.
Quizumbeiro – a boring play that likes to make trouble for everyone.

Lots of slangs, right?
In 2014, when we had the World Cup in Brazil, we, from Rio & Learn, created many special videos, and one of them was precisely about some of the slangs we saw. Take a look and let’s learn the correct pronunciation:

Now, let’s take a look at examples using some of the slangs we have just learned:

Examples with Soccer Slang in Portuguese

Aquele jogador do Flamengo deu uma caneta no adversário.
That player from Flamengo nutmegged the opponent.

O goleiro daquele time é um frangueiro, nunca agarra a bola e sempre deixa os outros fazerem gol.
The goalkeep from that team is a sieve, he never catches the ball and always allows others to score.

O jogador Roberto Carlos tem um chute que parece um torpedo.
Roberto Carlos, the soccer player has a kick as strong as a torpedo.

O Alexandre fez um gol de bicicleta.
Alexandre did the bicycle kick goal.

Ele fez um golaço no jogo. Foi muito bonito.
He scored an outstanding goal on the match. It was really beautiful.

Aquele time estava perdendo o jogo e, de repente, ganhou de virada. Foi incrível!
That team was losing the match and, suddenly, they turned the game around and won. It was amazing!

Ele deu um carrinho no outro jogador.
He made a slide tackle on the other player.

Do you play soccer, friends? What are the slangs used in your countries?
Did you know that you can play soccer with us while practicing Portuguese? You just have to participate on our Futebol at the beach RioLIVE!

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