Falar pelos cotovelos in Portuguese

Falar pelos cotovelos in Portuguese. Eles estão falando pelos cotovelos!

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In our Dica today, we are going to learn one more expression. The expression Falar pelos cotovelos in Portuguese.

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And, in our Video Dica today, we are going to learn the expression falar pelos cotovelos in Portuguese.


Falar pelos cotovelos is when a person starts talking and talking and talking and things don’t make any sense anymore and the person doesn’t stop talking.


Falar pelos cotovelos is formed by three words: the verb falar (to talk), that is a verb of the first conjugation, ended -AR:

Eu falo
Você fala
Ele ou ela fala
Nós falamos
Vocês falam
Eles ou elas falam
I talk
You talk
He or she talks
We talk
You talk
They talk

The preposition por, plus the article o, the elbows here in our arms. So, this is falar pelos cotovelos: It’s when a person starts talking and talking (just like him). What is he talking about? It doesn’t make sense, I am not interested in learning that!

Falando pelos cotovelos

What a crazy story, why is he talking about it? He is talking too much. Let’s come back to grammar and expressions. Stop talking!Hey! Come on man!People want to study! Enough! Silence!People want their Portuguese lessons. Whos is your boss? He needs to know about it. Where can we contact him? Shut up! That’s boring man!
We don’t wanna know about your bike stories. Actually, you look like someone who can’t ride a bike.
Not even with training wheels. That’s enough! If you keep saying that, you will be back to the hospital!I am telling you!
Stop it!

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