False Friends English Portuguese

9 de October de 2018

False Friends English Portuguese

Hi, guys! How are you? At our Dica today we’re talking about the so confusing False Friends English Portuguese!

It can be really confusing trying to understand Portuguese using words in English.

False Friends are those words written in a similar way in two languages yet meaning something different altogether.

That’s why we call them False Friends, because you can’t trust them at all!

Examples of False Friends

For example, the word PUSH
In Portuguese, PUSH can be understood as PUXE, that means to pull!

What about Amass?
Amass sounds like Amassar em Portuguese, that means to crush something.

There’s also Exquisite!
Exquisite sounds like Esquisito, that means Weird in Portuguese, so it’s best you don’t use that compliment.

Funny, right? So take a look at others False Friends:

List of False Friends

Now let’s see the most important False Friends English Portuguese, also called Falsos Cognatos in Portuguese and their actual meaning in English!

English Word Portuguese Word (translation)
Actually Atualmente (Currently)
Agenda Agenda (A notebook)
Alias AliΓ‘s (Also)
Amass Amassar (To crumble)
Anthem Ontem (Yesterday)
Braces Braços (Arms)
Cigar Cigarro (Cigarrete)
Collar Colar (Necklace)
Convict Convicção (Conviction)
Costume Costume (Custom)
Data Data (Date)
Diversion DiversΓ£o (Fun)
Exit Hesitar (To hesitate)
Exquisite Esquisito (Weird)
Fabric FΓ‘brica (Factory)
Grip Gripe (A cold)
Legend Legenda (Subtitle)
Mayor Maior (Bigger)
Novel Novela (Soap opera)
Parents Parentes (Family members)
Pasta Pasta (Paste)
Policy PolΓ­cia (Police)
Push Puxe (To pull)

And that’s it! I hope you had fun at today’s Dica!

Tchau tchau and see you later!

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