Farewell at Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa es nuestro Lar

The excursion to Santa Teresa with Rio & Learn last Friday afternoon was a delightful and worthwhile experience.  We were able to explore this lovely part of  Rio, share a delightful lunch with our fellow students and had lots of practice speaking portuguese together.  I enjoyed taking the bus to Lapa and seeing the famous steps with tiles from all over the world.  I feel that these excursions offer a very rich experience, both culturally and in our study of the Portuguese language.

Stanley Yantis, United States

Picture of Jorge Selarón, artist responsible for the art at Selarón Steps in Rio de Janeiro.
Capturing Jorge Selarón

Saying goodbye is always difficult, and we went all he way up to Santa Teresa to do that. Aline was the student saying goodbye and it was her second time having a Feijoada, but she liked it so much that she decided that it was the perfect way to end her trip. Our farewell at Santa Teresa was not sad at all. We ate, we laughed and most importantly, we spoke portuguese!

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View from the top of Ruins Park in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro.
The big city of Rio de Janeiro!

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