Feel so Wonderful at Porto Maravilha

7 de December de 2018

The trip to Porto Maravilha and Museu do AmanhΓ£ was an amazing experience through RioLive! Walking through parts of the city, viewing the landscape from the port, and seeing the amazing displays inside the museum of tomorrow has been a highlight of my trip to Rio so far. Museu de AmanhΓ£ will definitely be a place I go again, and look forward to more outings with RioLive!

Morgan Johnson, USA

Praça XV de novembro. Class playing League of Justice
Playing Leage of Justice at Praça XV de novembro.

Who doesn’t want to play the superhero every now and then? That’s a childhood’s fantasy that we carry within ourselves for our whole lives through. Class didn’t expect it to feel so wonderful at Porto Maravilha. Witnessing the cruiser leaving with so many travelers and manuevering around the museum was a once in a life time moment. See you in our next RioLIVE! activities <3

(r.i.p. Stan Lee)

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Desobedient classmate <3