Feijoada da Mangueira with Portuguese language students
Feijoada da Mangueira

Un moment inoubliable, joie, bonne humeur, danse et rigolade toute la journée pour l´ouverture de l´ecole Mangeira en vu du carnaval, merci pour  ce super moment partager avec tout un peuple joyeux et festife.

Franck Vrel, France

Feijoada is the most famous Brazilian dish around the world. Even that it comes from the European culinary tradition, it got popular around Brazil as a dish from slaves and poor people that couldn’t afford expensive food but they needed lots of energy to work every day. Nowadays feijoada is a typical food that is very popular to eat in Brazilian celebrations or parties.

If feijoada is the most popular food in Brazil, samba is the most popular music and dance. Imagine to mix feijoada, samba and Portuguese talking together in a big and popular party! This is what we did last Saturday when we visited a Quadra da Mangueira to have a Feijoada. Mangueira is a famous Escola de Samba in Rio de Janeiro and they celebrate once per month the Feijoada da Mangueira.

The Feijoada da Mangueira was a good opportunity for our Portuguese students to get together with Brazilian people, to listen some pagode and samba, to have a taste that how Rio’s Carnival is, to enjoy a delicious food and to talk a lot of Portuguese as they were enjoying around and having fun.

See below some pictures of our amazing day:

CIMG9385 10580186_10152305494716872_5954446677109635167_n CIMG9413 CIMG9410 CIMG9409 CIMG9408 CIMG9407 CIMG9405 CIMG9398 CIMG9397 CIMG9396 CIMG9395 CIMG9392 CIMG9391 CIMG9390 CIMG9389 CIMG9388 CIMG9387

Are you gonna miss that?

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