Feira Nordestina

29 de September de 2014

Feira Nordestina

Feira Nordestina, foreigners having Northeastern Dinner
Feira Nordestina

Der Besuch von Feira De Sao Cristovao ist sehr empfehlenswert. Die vielen kleinen (Souvenir-) Geschรคfte, zahlreiche Imbissbuden und Restaurants mit den typischen Gerichten aus dem Nordosten Brasiliens und mehrere Bรผhnen mit Livemusik schaffen eine unvergessliche Atmosphรคre.
Alles in allem meine Mitschรผler und ich hatten einen schรถnen, lustigen Abend und ich kann es jedem nur empfehlen.
Lena Schneider, Ukraine

The popularly known as Feira Nordestina (Northeastern Fair) is a good opportunity to know Brazil’s Northeastern traditions without moving from Rio de Janeiro. It is located in Rioโ€™s Zona Norte at the neighbourhood of Sรฃo Cristรณvรฃo , sรณ it is always known popularly as Feira de Sรฃo Cristรณvรฃo.

Last Friday we took our students there to enjoy Friday night. We pick up a bus from Rio & Learnย this time with students from US, Ukraine, Venezuela and Slovakia. Even that almost all our students were beginners they did there best to keep talking Portuguese during the visit.

When we arrived to Feira Nordestina we walk around. Our students get interested in the so many strange and different products of the fair. They asked about the origin of different things, products and names. After a nice walking we went to have dinner at a restaurant where we enjoyed a Carne de Solย with Baiรฃo de Doisย with some Antarctica beers and caipirinhas. As we enjoyed the nice dinner our students experimented different kinds of caipirinhas with fruits that they didnโ€™t know as Caipirinha de Caju. Forrรณ music was played on the stage in front of us. As we had fun hour were passing by fastly.

See some pics of our fun night at Feira Nordestina with lots of Portuguese talking! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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