Finados in Brazil

Finados in Brazil. Deixamos flores para as pessoas amadas no dia de Finados.
Have you ever heard the word Saudade?
We use this word to talk about missing someone or something, and today is a very important day for those who have Saudade of their beloved ones, because today is the day of Finados in Brazil.

The day of Finados is celebrated on November 2nd and the idea is to remember the people we love and who are already gone. Many Brazilians usually visit cemeteries or churches on this day to pray for their loved ones and also to bring them flowers.

This tradition began in the middle age, around 998, with a priest named Odilo of Cluny. On the 2nd of November he asked his followers to pray for the dead and since then the tradition continues.

Although it seems a sad day, Brazilians actually take the day to remember the good moments they had with their beloved and they gather the family to tell stories for old times’ sake.

What about you, friends?
What do you usually do on this day?

Have a nice holiday you all and a big kiss from Rio & Learn!
See you on our next A Dica do Dia.

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