First night out with samba!

This was my first Rio Live evening event. I was a bit nervous because am new and didn’t know what to expect. I really enjoyed attending the Pedra do Sal outing. It was a delightful and beautiful cultural experience. This place is full of bars, food and it’s a local hangout spot. We listen to different Brazilian beats. We tried all sorts of Caipirinha, I ate street food for the first time, no one will ever believe me. Most of all, we practice our Portuguese and asked so many questions. Professor Maju was a team player, full of energy and made all of us felt like we were at home. Muito Obrigado Rio & Learn can’t wait for the next event.

Jerry Gomez, United States

Friday at Pedra do sal

Nothing better than having the first night out with samba on a Friday night at Pedra do Sal! And we say the first time we really mean it because it was our teacher’s first time going there. But besides being freshmen our students behaved like true veterans enjoying this place at most with a lot of fun, caipirinhas food, samba and Portuguese!

Estrangeiros na Pedra do Sal

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