Flamengo’s Victory

Flamengo’s Victory

Selfie at Maracanã with Flamengo's Victory.
Selfie at Maracanã with Flamengo’s Victory.

S Pablom sme stravili perfektnu nedelu na futbale na Marakane vyhralo Flamengo lebo Pablo vyborne povzbudzoval 2-0.

Rastislav Kalman, Slovakia.

On Sunday on our RioLIVE! Weekends we watched the thrilling Flamengo’s victory over Santos. The day was perfect, there was sun and we could talk a lot about the national passion Brazilians have, the football.

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At the moment we arrived at the stadium, our students could feel the energy that was coming from Flamengo’s fans and got very excited singing songs and trying to sing along with the fans. The final score was 2 x 0 for Flamengo and we were all happy with our wonderful Sunday.
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Come and meet Rio & Learn and participate on our RioLIVE! activities. You’ll have fun and learn Portuguese at the same time.
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