Floresta da Tijuca – RioLIVE! Weekends

Floresta da Tijuca - Araras Azuis

Floresta da Tijuca – Araras Azuis

Meeting: 09:00
Cost of the activity: 150,00 (transportation)

Have you ever been in a forest before? There is an entire rain forest within the city of Rio de Janeiro with attractions and historical nature. This is the Floresta da Tijuca, the largest urban forest in the world. There are gazebos, lakes, historic sites, trails and many picturesque paths. It is an ideal space to promote environmental education, full of trails, ponds, fountains, caves, structures to house meetings in the open air, parks for children and options for practicing mountaineering, cycling and running.

Also, the fauna and flora found in the Parque Nacional da Tijuca promote an intense connection with nature, allowing the contact with several native species, besides offering a variety of waterfalls. Certainly, all these attractions make this forest a must for any tourist itinerary. In addition, easy access and diversity of options for recreation make this place an oasis within the city.

Consequently, joining this RioLIVE! Activity you have the opportunity to meet all the attractions that makes this forest a wonderful and unique place. Come to Rio & Learn and practice portuguese while having fun.

Floresta da Tijuca - Waterfall

Floresta da Tijuca – Waterfall