Fluminense Football Club

9 de February de 2017

Hey there, friends! Ready to learn Portuguese? In today’s Dica we are talking about a Brazilian Football Team.
We introduce you to the history of the Fluminense Football Club. Have you ever heard of this team?

From the origin to Pó de Arroz

The Brazilian Football Club, Fluminense, was founded on July 21st in 1902. It is one of the most popular football clubs in Rio de Janeiro and across Brazil. While most of the carioca clubs started as rowing clubs, Fluminense was the first one to start as a football institution, located in the neighborhood of Laranjeiras in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro. There, the club became really popular throughout Rio de Janeiro, winning the regional championship and for many years holding the record of most titles in Rio.

Fluminense Fooball Club throughout history saw some of Brazil’s greatest players, names such as Gerson, o canhotinha de ouro, Renato Gaúcho, and the most recently, Fred, who played for the Brazilian Team during the 2014 World Cup. Talking of great players, we mustn’t forget about Carlos Alberto Torres. He used white powder (pó de arroz) after shaving and when the fans of opposing teams found out about this, they started yelling Pó de Arroz! as an insult. The fans of Fluminense Football Club took this nickname in a nice way and adopted it, still nowadays they have the tradition of throwing pó de arroz (white powder) when the players go onto the field.

Most important titles of Fluminense Football Club

In the team’s very first game, Fluminense Football Club overcame its opponent (at the time was Rio Football Club) 8 x 0. In addition, it also became the champion of the first edition of the Carioca Championship beating all its opponents. After that title, it continued on to win the championship for four more consecutive years.

In addition to winning regional titles, Fluminense also sought their place in the national football scene achieving some important titles for its history. Let’s see some of these important titles, check it out:

Brazil Football Team Fluminense most important titles.

This is what makes Brazilian Football Club Fluminense one of the most popular teams in Rio de Janeiro, amassing fans all over the city and of course all over Brazil.

Facts about Fluminense soccer team 

  • Fluminense soccer team has 5 million fans worldwide and 34,000 official members
  • It has one of the highest fan engagement rates in Brazil
  • Laranjeiras Stadium and Club are considered part of the Brazilian Cultural Heritage
  • The First Brazilian World Cup goal was scored by a Fluminense player (Uruguay, 1930)
  • Laranjeiras Stadium was the first football stadium in South America in 1919, built with the members’ own resources.

Vocabulary list

Fluminense Football Club Clube de futebol Fluminense
Carioca clubs Clubes de futebol cariocas
White powder Pó de arroz
Fans / supporters Fãs/ torcedores
Championship Campeonato
Regional titles Títulos regionais
National football Futebol nacional
Laranjeiras Stadium Estádio das Laranjeiras
Founded Fundação
 Rowing clubs Clubes de remo
Titles   Títulos
 Players   Jogadores
 Nickname  Apelido
 Game  Jogo
 Opponent  Adversário
 Champion  Campeão
 Stadium  Estádio
Goal Gol

What about you? Had you heard of Fluminense Fluminense Football Club? Do you know any other team in Rio de Janeiro? Tell us!

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