What does Foda mean in Portuguese?

19 de August de 2014

What does Foda mean in Portuguese?

What’s up guys, you ok?
Have you ever notice how in any language, there are slang words used to express something that a normal word usually cannot express? It’s the same thing here in Brazil! If you are learning Portuguese in Brazil, you probably have come across this word already, as it’s commonly used. In today’s Dica, we are going to learn about one of these words: Foda!
Remember to use it at the correct time. This is a very informal word! Do not use it in a formal setting!
But what exactly does it mean?

Check out this video!

The video below is in Portuguese, but don’t worry, you can always put the subtitles on if you’re still not confident enough! Remember to pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation used by the teacher!

As said in the video above, this curse word can be used in a positive or negative way, with means to qualify people, places or situations.
Let’s take a look at some of the examples below:

Positive use

So, let’s start in a positive way, the intonation is of excitement or happiness, always meaning something good:

Os professores da Rio & Learn sΓ£o foda!
Rio & Learn teachers are all fucking good!

A Praia de Copacabana Γ© foda!
Copacabana beach is fucking great!

Caipirinha Γ© uma bebida foda!
Caipirinha is a fucking amazing drink!


Negative use

Now, as you saw in the video, you probably noticed that to use it in a negative way, the intonation changes to frustration or sadness:

Hoje o dia tΓ‘ foda! NΓ£o tenho nada pra fazer.
Today is fucking boring! I don’t have anythingΒ to do.

Γ‰ foda conviver com pessoas invejosas.
It’s fucking bad living with envious people.

Ele mora em um lugar foda. Longe de tudo.
He lives in a fucking awful place. Far from everywhere and everything.


Have you learned what foda means?

Read the following sentences and see if they are said in a positive (P) or negative (N) way. The answers are at the bottom of the page.

  1. Nossa, que situação foda, ninguém esperava por isso, é muito triste.
  2. Os passeios da RioLIVE! sΓ£o foda!
  3. Esse cara Γ© foda, nΓ£o gosto dele.
  4. Copacabana Palace Γ© um hotel foda!


So, now you know when and where to use the word foda, be it in a positive or negative way. Have you heard many Brazilians using it? What about in your language, is there a one word synonym?
Our Dicas are fodas, they are going to continue to be fodas, and we are going to see each other in the next one guys!

Big hug from Rio de Janeiro!
Bye, bye!

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Answers to the exercise:

  1. N
  2. P
  3. N
  4. P