What does Foda mean in Portuguese?

What does foda mean in Portuguese? Essa foto ficou foda!
What’s up guys, are you ok?
Well, in our Dica today, we are going to learn about the word foda. What does Foda mean in Portuguese?

Let’s understand foda can be used in a positive or negative way to qualify people, places or situations.



Positive way

So, let’s start in a positive way:

Copacabana Palace é um hotel foda!
Copacabana Palace is a fucking good hotel!

Os professores da Rio & Learn são foda!
Rio & Learn teachers are all fucking good!

A Praia de Copacabana é foda!
Copacabana beach is fucking good!

Caipirinha é uma bebida foda!
Caipirinha is a fucking good drink!

Negative way

Now, I am going to use in a negative way, and you will notice that my intonation will change. It’s going be a little bit bad.

Hoje o dia foda! Não tenho nada pra fazer.
Today the day is fucking boring! I don’t have anything to do.

Esse cara é foda, não gosto dele.
This guy is fucking bad, I don’t like him.

É foda conviver com pessoas invejosas.
It’s fucking bad living with envious people.

Ele mora em um lugar foda. Longe de tudo.
He lives in a fucking bad place. Far from everywhere and everything.

So, that’s how we use the word foda, in a positive and negative way. And we finish here in a positive way.
Our Dicas are fodas, they are going to continue fodas, and we are going to see each other in the next Video Dica guys!

Big hug from Rio de Janeiro!
Bye, bye!

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