Football for the first time!

Futebol na Praia de Copacabana

I participated in RioLIVE! beach football yesterday. It was actually the first time that I played futebol and also the first time that I played any kind of sport on the beach. I´m so glad that the school offers activities like this and that everyone is so nice and willing to go out and have fun together. Activities like this definitely make learning Portuguese way more enjoyable and I believe that it greatly boosts the interactions with other students and the professors. Diogo is an amazing teacher and probably the coolest person to do activities with in the school!

Shaquille Mandy, United States!

Beach soccer in Rio

There is a first time for everything. How about playing football for the first time on the sands of Copacabana beach? We did it with our RioLIVE! and our students nailed it! They were a little bit insecure about playing because it was their first time. After a few minutes, they showed that they are really good footballers!

Relaxing on the beach

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