Forró classes are fun!

I had such a fun time learning Forró for my first time at Rio & Learn. Clara, our professora, told us a bit about the origins of Forró and how it is popular in Salvador. Castrinho, the dance instructor, was great at demonstrating the movement at a pace that everyone could enjoy. Best of all, it was fun to learn with fellow students and to practice português during class. I had the best time and highly recommend it as a great ice-breaker to your learning experience!

Stephen Miranda, United States

The students started the class in a shy way, but were soon wonderfully guided by the amazing Professor Castrinho. It was possible to learn the basic steps of forró, dance so famous in the northeast region of the country, and practice Portuguese at the same time! With engaging music and dancing, we had a pleasant afternoon moving the body and laughing a lot together.

See how it was on the video below:

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  1. Hi,

    I found your site online. I’m only in Rio for a couple of days but would love to have a forró class. I’m not part of your language school and also not sure if there are any dancing classes available in this period and coming days. Could you tell me a bit more about it?

    Kind regards,


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