Forró Starts
Forró Stars. Foreigners learning Forró!

Always putting a good show in class!

Heute konnten wir bei traditioneller brasilianischer Musik ins Schwitzen kommen ! Unser Tanzlehrer Castrinho hat uns toll angeleitet und step by step die unterschiedlichen Schritte beigebracht ! In der kleinen Gruppe konnte man sie schnell erlernen und hattekeine Angst etwas falsch zu machen ! Die Stunde mit Castrinho hat total Spaß gemacht ich bin bereit für Feira de São Cristóvão!

Annika Reinke, Germany.

Forró stars. Forró steps.

They are really good!

Our Forró Stars had a lot of fun with RioLIVE! They were a bit shy in beginning but after five minutes, they got comfortable and put on a show dancing Forró. The instructor was really patient teaching each step in the best way possible, after every step, they were getting even happier with the choreography combination that they learned.

At the end, they didn’t need any instructions anymore, they were dancing by themselves and performed a good forró dance. Really Forró Stars and they are ready to move their feet at Feira de São Cristóvão on Friday. See more on the video below:

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