Forró at Zona Norte

Forró at Zona Norte

Portuguese students in Feira de São Cristóvão
Portuguese stdents in Feira de São Cristóvão


El viernes conocimos el Mercado de San Cristobal. Una feria con mucho para ver y para comprar! Muy interesante para conocer la cultura brasileira, probar comidas típicas, bailar al ritmo del forro con musica en vivo! Un lugar que no se puede dejar de conocer! La pasamos muy bien! Nos divertimos mucho!

Marina Esper, Argentina.

Portuguese students and teachers having fun
Portuguese students and teachers having fun

Our RioLIVE! at this weekend, was a nice visit at the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. We left Copacabana and met one piece of the northeast of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. After that, we took the bus and our stop was at Northeastern Traditions Fair (Feira de São Cristovão).

We took a walk around there, getting to know a little bit of the culture and musical rhythm of this region, forró. After walking around the fair, we had dinner. Nothing better than some meat cooked at the northeastern style. While we were having dinner, we watched a forró concert.

After that, we jumped into the dance floor and danced some forró. In this moment, students could dance with Brazilian people and practice their Portuguese. It was a very nice with a lot of fun and Portuguese practicing. And you? Looking for learning Portuguese, visiting Rio and meeting the best places of this incredible city? Come to Rio & Learn and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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