Forró in Rio de Janeiro

Dancing Forró in Rio de Janeiro

Meeting 14:30h at Rio & Learn
Costs: 30 reais (1 hour class)

Do you remember Lambada? Do you know the origins? Forró is one of the most popular dance/genre in Brazil, but it isn’t well-known outside Brazilian territory. Originally from the northeast of Brazil, Forró is one of the most traditional dances/genres in the country. Foreigners go crazy when they try to dance it, seeing as it can be very sensual.

Forró was first brought to Brazil by foreign immigrants who came to work in the north and northeast of the country. It was first called for all. The name-changing occurred because of the language barrier and accent; many Brazilians could not correctly pronounce the phrase in English thus it was morphed and adapted to the spelling and pronunciation that we use today.

This musical genre has gained popularity in all of the regions of Brazil because it is closely associated to the Brazilian Festas Juninhas (June Festivals).

This is one of the RioLIVE! Activities that surprises our Portuguese language students the most because it is a style of dance that many are not used to. So what do you say? Do you want to learn some dance moves to impress your friends? Want to know what a one-on-one Brazilian dance feels like? Come with us, let yourself loose and dance forró in Rio de Janeiro!

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Forró in Rio de de Janeiro. Portuguese students dancing Forró with instructor Castro Ribeiro.
Portuguese students dancing Forró with instructor Castro Ribeiro.

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