Forte do Leme Trekking

Forte do Leme Trekking

Forte do Leme Trekking. At the top!
Forte do Leme Trekking. At the top!

Forte do Leme, all that’s missing is a bar at the top!!

Laurent Cauchard, France

At the top of Forte do Leme with views of Copacabana.

Have you ever gone trekking on the Forte do Leme ? Forte do Leme is a fortification in Copacabana beach that is located at the top of a morro. From there you can enjoy amazing views as you can see in the pictures that we’ve taken with our Portuguese language students.

This time we had students from many places, from France, UK, USA, Canada, Germany and Sweden. We were a nice gringo group ready to enjoy trekking the Forte do Leme while talking in Portuguese. Morro do Leme is not a difficult trekking site, as you can reach the top very fast, but it is a good exercise anyway. In addition, you can enjoy the monkeys around that area waiting for you to give them some treat like a banana. There are some lizards and snakes around, but they flee just by the sound of people passing by.

Feeding the monkeys at Morro do Leme
Feeding the monkeys

So, after a nice trekking we arrived at the top of Morro do Leme where our students got stunned with the views from Forte do Leme. Here are some of the pics for you to enjoy !!

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