Nos enseignants de Portugais à Rio de Janeiro


Tous les enseignants de Rio & Learn sont brésiliens et ont fait des études universitaires. De plus, ils ont déjà eu l’expérience d’enseigner le portugais. Nos programmes de suivi des activités et de méthodes bien définies nous permettent de garantir que nos enseignants suivent toujours la double méthodologie prônée par l’école: Funlearning et Livelearning.

Pour y parvenir, tous les enseignants sont dynamiques et encouragent les élèves à participer activement aux cours.

Les enseignants sont notre atout majeur, et dans ce but vous aurez la possibilité de les évaluer régulièrement afin que votre expérience soit la plus satisfaisante qui soit.

One of our Portuguese teachers in Rio de Janeiro.

Pablo Roberto

Pablo is a very communicative and happy person. Our RioLIVE! Activities Coordinator is passionate about his profession. He has a bachelor degree and a post-graduation course in Portuguese Language. He has experience teaching in schools and preparatory courses. In RioLIVE! you will see why he is the typical carioca. Funny and talkative, he will guide you to the best places in Rio while teaching you Portuguese. He also likes to break the routine as much as possible, going to beachside bars at Copacabana beach with friends and students, places at Lapa and other activities.

Teacher of Portuguese for foreigners in Rio de Janeiro.

Diogo Gonçalves

Diogo, one of our Portuguese teachers in Rio de Janeiro, fells totally in love with this profession that he started as an English teacher. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, he is graduating in Portuguese and English. He likes to go out, meet new people as well as leave routine behind. If you want to have a nice conversation about soccer, MMA, jiu-jitsu or punk/hc, metal and its genres, that´s your guy. He is a communicative person and his classes are really fun. Once in a while he shows up at  RioLIVE!  to enjoy the activities with the students and Pablo, our RioLIVE! Activities Coordinator. This is another good opportunity for you to practice Portuguese while living in the city.

Brazilian teacher from Rio de Janeiro.

Igor Severo

Igor is our Academic Coordinator and also a Portuguese teacher. He is a graduate in Portuguese, English and literature and has been a teacher for more than 9 years and a coordinator for more than 7 years. Igor has a great background in and out of class. He received a series of trainings on language teaching methods along his professional life.

He loves watching movies and also has a special love for craft beer. For, in the heat of the city, there’s nothing better than a cold and tasty beer.

Brazilian Portuguese teacher for foreigners in Rio de Janeiro.

Luana Moreira

Luana is one of our Portuguese teachers and she is graduating in Industrial Design from the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). She is from Rio de Janeiro. She started teaching Portuguese when she got into college by helping foreign students to speak the language. Luana has also worked as an English teacher and she loves to learn new languages, watch TV series and movies and also to get to know different cultures. Luana is a very communicative person and she always tries to create entertaining classes because she hates monotony. She believes that students that have fun during the classes are the ones that retain more and succeed in the language.