Affirmative sentences in Portuguese

Frases afirmativas em Português. Eles estão na Feira de São Cristóvão!

What’s up, guys
In our Dica today, we are going to learn about the affirmative sentences in Portuguese.

The affirmative sentences confirm a fact.

Let’s see some examples using these sentences:

Examples of affirmative sentences in Portuguese

Os cariocas são muito simpáticos.
Cariocas are very friendly.

Eles estudam na Rio & Learn.
They study at Rio & Learn.

Nós queremos viajar no próximo ano.
We want to travel next year.

Eles são de São Paulo.
They are from São Paulo.

Nós somos americanos.
We are American.

Eu gosto de ir pra praia.
I like going to the beach.

Eles vão para uma festa na Lapa.
They are going to a party at Lapa.

Ana Carolina canta muito bem.
Ana Carolina sings very well.

Easy enough right? Now let’s go to the streets and practice with the locals!
We will be expecting you all on our next Dica, and if you are in Rio de Janeiro, feel free to come to our school and see how it is!

See you soon, guys!
Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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