The French SEO Analyst will be responsible for sending reports to the school director, identifying and executing tasks in order to improve the ranking of our content, with smart selection of relevant keywords including for the Blog content, A Dica do Dia, in order to positively influence the overall SEO of the school’s website and sales. Your role will also be taking care of on and off page SEO, following the guidelines of our SEO Agency and guiding the other team members who also create content. You will be responsible for the production of content for A Dica do Dia, planning the next posts, organizing the post calendar, choosing the keywords, planning content and writing the posts once the planning has been approved.


  • Increasing organic website traffic (it may be challenging at first, but with time you’ll get the hang of it) ;
  • Increase the number of organic leads generated by the corporate blog, leading to new sales opportunities (the more students sign up, the better for everyone, we all win… even you!) ;



  • Manage the blog A Dica do Dia (WordPress) in French;
  • Produce SEO-optimized content for the blog A Dica do Dia;
  • Manage the company’s on-page and off-page SEO in French, collaborating with our school;
  • Research and analysis of keywords;
  • Work on advertising, sales and social media content in French.
  • Responsible for the SEM in French.
  • Respond promptly to our customers, when necessary.
  • Media content planning (this is a sensitive but important part of the role);
  • Organize a pre-set calendar and follow up with the blog’s producers, usually the teachers, to create high-quality content for strategic keywords (this is a logical process);
  • Manage our performance on search engines and understand all essential metrics and organic results (understanding the algorithms and AI of this task is key) ;
  • Optimize the website’s pages so that they will be positioned on the first pages of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing… (especially Google, of course);
  • Be up-to-date and connected to SEO and internet news to be ahead of the latest changes.



  • It is essential to be a native French speaker (this is one of the most important requirements);
  • Higher Education Degree in Social Communication, Journalism, Marketing and Advertising or related areas.
  • Hold a degree or have work experience in the field of marketing (essential);
  • 1-2 years of experience with SEO (we are not interested in amateurs) ;
  • Have a good Google Analytics knowledge
  • Experience using WordPress;
  • Advanced level of Portuguese, OR advanced level of English to respond to customers of all cultures.
  • An advanced level of Spanish will be an advantage (no Portunhol, ok?)
  • Some experience in content production;
  • Be a natural born writer.

Salary of 3000-4000 reais with the possibility of earning from 0-1500 reais more monthly depending on the achievement of personal goals and the company’s income (here, those who work the most, earn more. Being proactive is essential)


If you are interested in working with us in the position of French SEO Analyst at Rio&Learn Portuguese School in Copacabana, please send your CV to indicating the name of this position.