Frescobol in Brazil. Eles Jogam frescobol muito bem! Man and woman playing frescobol at the beach. Man wearing a sunga and woman wearing a Brazilian bikini.

Guys, in our Dica today, we will learn a bit about Frescobol in Brazil, specifically in Rio de Janeiro.

Frescobol in Brazil

The frescobol is a sport typically played by cariocas, normally practiced at the beach by two or more people. This sport was invented here, in Rio de Janeiro, around the 50’s at the carioca beaches as a simple activity to be practiced during the day at the beach.

For a long time, the sport was considered nothing but a simple way to have fun at the beach. After some time, many championships were held around the country. Each championship has it’s own criteria.

Anyone can play frescobol in Rio de Janeiro. For that, all you need is two wooden rackets, a rubber ball and the clothing that suits you the best. Since it is mostly practiced at the beach, it is common to see players wearing sunga or shorts, bikini or swimsuit, and for those who enjoy nudist beaches, there’s no need for clothes. 😉

The objective of the game is to never let the ball touch the ground, making the most amount of attacks and defenses possible. The players are not rivals, they need to help themselves keep the ball in the air.

That’s it folks!

We have just learned about frescobol in Brazil. Have you seen any carioca playing frescobol at the beach? Is there a typical sport from your city or country? Tell us!

Frescobol Vocabulary

Esporte Sport
Praia Beach
Campeonato Championship
Raquete de Madeira Wooden racket
Bola de Borracha Rubber ball
Traje Clothing
Sunga Sunga (Speedo)
Bermuda Shorts
Biquíni Bikini
Maiô Swimsuit
Praia de nudismo Nudist beach
Rivais Rivals
Manter To keep

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Later y’all!
Kiss from Rio de Janeiro!

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