Friday at Pedra do Sal

Friday at Pedra do sal

Friday at Pedra do Sal.
Friday at Pedra do Sal.

Me gustó mucho el RioLIVE! en Pedra de Sal. Es un ambiente muy diferente en el que nunca había estado, todas las personas estaban muy animadas, tomando caipirinhas y escuchando zamba. Me pareció muy interesante acercarme más a la vida carioca, a la cultura de Rio y al día a día de las personas acá. Definitivamente volvería!

Sebastián Peláez, Colombia.

Portuguese students at Pedra do Sal.
Portuguese students at Pedra do Sal.
In our last RioLIVE! we had an exciting Friday at Pedra do Sal. With a very excited group of students of Rio & Learn, we left Copacabana and went until downtown looking for a great evening at Pedra do Sal. On the way there, our Portuguese students took this time to practice their Portuguese asking questions about the history of Pedra do Sal.
Pedra do Sal is considered for many people the birth place of samba in Rio de Janeiro, because of its history at the slavery times. But the place doesn’t have only samba, the students could go to the other bars to enjoy funk, samba, pagode and axé. It was a night with a lot of caipirinhas, beers, Brazilian music, dancing, fun and Portuguese practice!
When everybody thought the night was over, they had a big surprise, we found a great popular party happening in square close to Pedra do Sal. This event only made our night even better. In the end, our RioLIVE! became a farewell party because some students were coming back to their countries, but this memorable funny night will be in their memory for a long time.
Come you too to speak Portuguese and have in our RioLIVE! Activities.
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