Fridaying at Pedra do Sal

Viernesando en Pedra do Sal

Мне очень понравился Pedra do Sal, потому что атмосфера была очень яркой и веселой. Музыка была прекрасна! Всем советую сходить.

Adelina Bagdasarova, Russia.

Fridaying at Pedra do Sal

As Brazilians say, we were fridaying at Pedra do Sal on this last weekend. Our Portuguese students visited Pedra do Sal, a very popular and awesome spot to listen, dance and enjoy some good and traditional samba. This place is so popular that many people call it The Cradle of Samba, the place where samba was born. In the beginning they were a little shy but after some songs and caipirinhas, they were enjoying every minute of it. A great evening of samba, fun and Portuguese.

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Fridaying at Pedra do Sal

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