Friends at Forte do Leme

Amigos en Forte do Leme.
Friends at Forte do Leme
What a view!

The activities at Rio & Learn are amazing, the benefits of practicing the language and learning the history of the city or the little details of the lifestyle of the locals is a great experience. Forte do Leme is a beautiful place, full of wild life and adorable monkeys!  It feels like going on a hike at the jungle and then rewarded with an amazing view of the ocean and the city.

Sarmad Aboshi, Canada

Friends at Leme
They have a new friend!

Forte do Leme has great views of the city, the best part is when you can make new friends at Forte do Leme, humans or not humans :p. We started our RioLIVE! doing a small and good hike thourgh the place, some cute little monkeys stopped by to say hello and interact with us. At the top of the place, it was the perfect moment to take pictures, admire the views and speak Portuguese. A perfect afternoon making new friends at Forte do Leme!

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Friends at Leme
Making a new friend! 🙂

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