Fruit market in Rio de Janeiro

portuguese students visiting a local fruit and vegetables market in rio de janeiro

Hello! Do you know where to find a fruit market in Rio de Janeiro? Do you have any clue what it’s like visiting one and what kinds of situations you’ll be in? Well, let’s learn about that and much more today!

Trivial Things in a Fruit Market in Rio de Janeiro

fruit promotion at a local fruit market in rio de janeiro

In Brazil, is very common to go to street markets for fruits and vegetables. But do you what the Portuguese word is for street market? We call it a feira! Feira means a public spot where you can sell and buy products, usually fruits and vegetables.

If you want to buy fruit for a lower price than the supermarket then you should look for a street market or quitanda. Quitanda is a small store or stall that sells only fruit and vegetables. You can also visit a quitanda a sacolão or hortifrúti, which are everywhere in the city. You’ll not only find cheaper fruit, but also fresher!

Before we take a look at where to find a fruit market in Rio de Janeiro, let’s examine the culture of the fruit market here. Yes, it’s probably not like the usual fruit market in your own country, so let’s check out what to expect so you won’t get (too much) surprised!

There in a lot of yelling…

Yes, the sellers will yell all the time about their prices and competitive quality. It might sound absurd, and for some, even a little bit rude. But don’t allow this to drive you away from buying stuff there! They are not trying to sound rude at all, and if approached, they will probably be very nice and help you with your buying. It’s just their way to sell, that is all!

You can taste stuff before buying

This is what we call “provar“. Anyone can ask if it’s possible to try out fruits before buying, so you can be sure they are just the way you like them. You will see it’s usual that sellers offer this as well, especially to kids and infants.

The earlier, the fresher…

Well, fruit markets have a very simple rule: the earlier you arrive, the fresher the fruits will be. So, avoid arriving close to noon at these places, since most of the great quality products will be gone by then.

… but the later, the best discount.

Ok, for some the best time to arrive at a feira is early in the morning for the freshest product they can find. But there is a positive side also to arriving later: you can get discounts. Since the feira is almost over and sellers don’t want to be stuck with their products, they are more flexible with discounts or even making interesting deals, like three for the price of two, and so on.

Take a minute to eat a pastel

This is almost an obligatory stop in a fruit market. There will always be a pastel stand, where people at some point in their shopping will stop to eat pastel and drink a glass of sugar cane juice. This is expected for Brazilians if you invite them to a fruit market. So, since you want to understand more about our culture, reserve a time to stop yourself and try these goodies! You won’t regret!

And remember, if you ever want to learn Portuguese while doing everyday stuff like shopping for fruits, we have many different courses in Rio which will give you this chance!

Finding a Fruit Market in Rio de Janeiro

white and purple onions on display in a fruit market in rio de janeiro

In some street markets you can also buy clothes, gifts, handmade products and some good souvenirs too, not only fruit and food. There are many different markets to buy fruits and vegetables in Rio de Janeiro. Let’s have a look at a list with the best markets in the city:

General Osório Square

General Osório Square, Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro

Located in Ipanema, this market starts every Tuesday morning at the entrance to the metro station and continues around the square. It offers a large choice of fresh fruits and most of them are native ones, you can also taste different fruits, many that you probably won’t find in your country. Bring a big bag with you because you won’t leave without buying at least one kind of fruit.

Professor Ortiz Monteiro Street

Profesor Ortiz Monteiro Street, Laranjeiras – Rio de Janeiro

Located in Laranjeiras, this market has plenty of fruit and veg including sweet potatoes, cassava, varieties of orange, as well as cheese, meat, herbs and spices. The vendors are also open to bargain, as with the most farmer’s markets in Rio. So don’t settle for the first price they offer. It opens every Saturday early in the morning.

Nossa Senhora da Paz Square

Nossa Senhora da Paz Square, Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro

Based in Ipanema, this market takes place in a square every Friday morning. Besides selling fruit and vegetables, it’s also possible to buy a good variety of cheeses, herbs and fresh meat. But be careful, the meat stalls are not for the faint hearted, there is everything from prime cuts to feet, tripe, lungs and other organs. If you’re a meat lover, this is your place!

Terezina Street

Terezina Street, Santa Teresa – Rio de Janeiro

This market in Santa Teresa sells almost everything: the fruit and veg tick all the boxes when it comes to diversity, vendors are always offering visitors samples of their goods; they also sell fish with the catch of the day proudly laid out. There are also herbs, spices, cheese, and meat for sale, as well as locally produced handcrafts. They open every Friday.

Igreja São José da Lagoa Square

Igreja São José da Lagoa Market, Jardim Botânico – Rio de Janeiro

Open every Saturday, this farmer’s market takes place in the beautiful area of Jardim Botânico, which is part of the Tijuca Forest, one of the biggest urban forests in the world. They sell all types of fruit and vegetables, be sure to check out the bananas, there are many different types! The tastes and smells are a good challenge for the senses.

Serzedelo Corrêa Square

Serzedelo Corrêa Square, Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro.

This market is located in Copacabana really close to our school and is open every Sunday. It’s possible to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. In this market is also possible to have a pit stop a buy a snack. Become a true carioca and eat the classic combo pastel and caldo de cana.

Bittencourt Square

Edmundo Bittencourt Square, Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro

We also have a really nice fruit market in Copacabana, in Bittencourt Square. There you can buy fresh fruit, fish, vegetables… You can go there every Wednesday from 08:00 to 13:00.

Organic Markets in Rio

Of course we have organic farmer’s markets in Rio too. Here, rather than in stores, it’s easier to find fresher items and products grown and sold by small producers. Take a look:

Organic Fair in Botafogo

Organic Fair, Muniz Barreto & Rua São Clemente Streets, Botafogo – Rio de Janeiro

This market offers a good amount of certified organic fruit and vegetables, wonderful options for those looking to eat organically. They may not have the shine and perfection of supermarket produce, but they have an incomparable fresh, rich flavor. Other produce for sale here includes things such as homemade bread, biscuits, and locally produced honey, coffee, herbs, and grains. Open on Saturdays.

Organic Market in Copacabana

Praça Edmundo Bittencourt, Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro

In Bittencourt Square we also have an organic market. There you can buy handmade products from small producers and artisans from all over Brazil. You can go there on Saturdays from 08:00 to 13:00.

Dialogue at a Fruit Market in Rio de Janeiro

different types of fish being sold in a fruit and vegetables fair in rio de janeiro

Now that we know where to find fruit markets in Rio de Janeiro, let’s read a dialogue and learn some vocabulary that we can use in a quitanda:

Atendente: Boa tarde, freguesa!
Freguesa: Boa tarde! As bananas estão maduras?
Atendente: Estão sim!
Freguesa: Então eu quero por favor, um quilo (1kg) de banana, dois quilos e meio (2,5kg) de maçã vermelha e meio quilo (1/2 kg) de uvas.
Atendente: Certo. Aqui está! As uvas estão bem frescas. Algo mais?
Freguesa: Sim. Quero também alguns legumes e verduras. Um molho de alface, uma abóbora, meio quilo (1/2 kg) de cebola e tomate, um pimentão, umas três berinjelas.
Atendente: Aqui está. O que mais?
Freguesa: Também quero uma chicória, agrião e uma salsa.
Atendente: Só isso?
Freguesa: Sim. Só isso. Muito obrigado!
Atendente: De nada, freguesa. Volte sempre!

Translation of Dialogue at a Fruit Market in Rio de Janeiro

Clerk: Good afternoon, customer!
Customer: Good afternoon! Are the bananas ripe?
Clerk: Yes, they are!
Customer: So please, I want one kilo (1kg) of bananas, two and a half kilos (2,5kg) of red apples and half a kilo of grapes.
Clerk: Right. Here it is! The grapes are really fresh. Anything else?
Customer: Yes. I also want some vegetables. A head of lettuce, a pumpkin, half a kilo (1/2 kg) of onions and tomatoes, a bell pepper and three eggplants.
Clerk: Here it is. What else?
Customer: I also want some chicory, a bunch of watercress and a bunch of parsley.
Clerk: Is that all?
Customer: Yes. That’s all. Thank you very much!
Clerk: You’re welcome, customer. Till the next one!

Vocabulary for Fruit Market in Rio de Janeiro

papaya being displayed in a street market in rio de janeiro.
QuitandaSmall market
Produtos artesanaisHandmade products
Batata doceSweet potatoes
Freguês / ClienteCustomer
Um quiloOne kilo
Dois quilos e meioTwo and a half kilos
Maça vermelhaRed apple
Meio quiloHalf a kilo
Molho de alfaceHead of lettuce
PimentãoBell Pepper  (Capsicum)
BerinjelaEggplant (Aubergine)

Now you know how to buy fruit anywhere in the city! Are there any street markets in your country? Where else can you buy fruit? Come have Portuguese classes with us in Rio, and we’ll take you there. If you want more Portuguese tips, subscribe to A Dica do Dia! We’ll be waiting for you here in Rio de Janeiro and let’s some fruit together!

A big hug from Rio & Learn!
See you soon!

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