Fruits in Portuguese

11 de May de 2015

Hi there! Are you ok? Have you ever wondered how to say banana, passion fruit or apricot in Portuguese? You must know for when you come to a street fair in Brazil! Today we will see this and much more, because we will talk about fruits in Portuguese! Get ready and try not to get hungry while we pass by this amazing vocabulary!

Vocabulary for Fruits in Portuguese

pineapple is abacaxi
banana in portuguese
fruits in portuguese: cereja
fruit in portuguese: goiaba
fruit in portuguese: lemon means limão in portuguese
papaya is mamão in portuguese
passion fruit in portuguese is maracujá
strawberry is morango
pêssego is peach
fruit in portuguese: grapes, uvas, uva
fruits in portuguese: ameixa
fruits in portuguese: caju
coconut is coco, água de coco
fruit in portuguese: orange is laranja
fruit in portuguese: apple is maçã in portuguese
how do you say mango? manga
how do you say watermelon in portuguese? melancia
fruits in portuguese: pera
fruits in portuguese: siriguela the brazilian fruit

Test your Pronunciation!

With this Video Dica you will be able to listen and to say the names correctly of the main fruits that we have in Brazil! Remember that pronunciation is a must if you want to learn Portuguese in 30 days.

Some Expressions with Fruits in Portuguese

  • Now that you know how to say banana in Portuguese, you need to know an extra meaning for this word. When you call someone a banana, it means the person is probably a people-pleaser, a pushover, or someone extremely coward. Yikes!
  • A Brazilian will tell you something is “mamão com açúcar” (papaya with sugar) if it’s easy to be done. So, you can tell your friends: Aprender português online é mamão com açúcar!
  • Now, if you have a big problem to solve, you can say “descascar um abacaxi“, that means roughly to peel a pineapple. Have you ever thought about how hard is to peel a pineapple? That is why we use to much this metaphor!
  • If you want to learn more fun expressions like these, come take a look at our special Dica about Portuguese expressions!

Let’s Review the Fruits in Portuguese?

LimãoLime / Lemon
AcerolaBarbados Cherry
AmeixaPlum / Prune

A lot of different fruits, huh? How about a little exercise to practice?

Exercise with Fruits in Portuguese

Tell us the names of the fruits according to their description:

  • Limão
  • Coco Verde
  • Açaí
  • Uva
  • Abacate
  1. Essa fruta é uma das mais populares no Brasil, muito conhecida como fonte de energia, somente encontrada no norte do Brasil.
  2. Uma fruta essencial na produção vinhos.
  3. Muitas pessoas usam essa fruta para cozinhar guacamole mas no Brasil a comemos com açúcar.
  4. Essa fruta é o ingrediente principal para fazer a bebida mais popular do Brasil, a caipirinha.
  5. Com essa fruta é possível beber a água que está dentro dela.

That’s it guys! We learned some names of popular fruits that we have here in Brazil. Can you remember how to say apricot in Portuguese? What about passion fruit in Portuguese? If you want to continue studying, subscribe at our Youtube channel to see more videos or go to our Pinterest page to see some good tips about Rio.

See you soon!!
Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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  1. Açaí
  2. Uva
  3. Abacate
  4. Limão
  5. Coco Verde