Fun and samba

Fun and samba

Fun and Samba.
Fun and Samba.

Frequently what we see and hear about Brazil at home are stories of Brazilian dancing abilities. Yesterday in Rio Live was an opportunity to see this first hand, The hour class went quickly, filled with new samba moves we built together in one routine. The teacher was fabulous; enthusiastic and fun. This has to be one of the most intense activities, we all ended up dripping with sweat. Luckily the beach is close and we were able to cool off in the sea. Every of all ages, abilities and levels had fun, it was an awesome day!

Giselle Newton, Australia.

We had one more sunny afternoon in Rio de Janeiro enjoying with a nice samba class at Rio & Learn. Samba that is musical rhythm that has African origins and today is one of the main cultural points of Brazil, mainly in Rio de Janeiro, considered the place where samba was born.

So, we gathered at the school to start the first steps of this very popular Brazilian dance. In the beginning was a little bit hard, but some minutes later, our Portuguese students could show their skills. In the end everybody was happy with this wonderful experience that they had. Another important detail is that they could use this moment to practice their Portuguese skills.

If you want to learn Portuguese at the same time that you have fun, Rio & Learn is your place taking part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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