Fun at Jardim Botânico

Fun at Jardim Botânico

Happy and having fun at Jardim Botânico.
Happy and having fun at Jardim Botânico.

Visitamos el Jardin Botanico de Rio de Janeiro. Es un sitio especial, la naturaleza en medio de la ciudad con una variedad de plantas y flores, orquideas, muy bonitas al igual que unos lugares que inspiran tranquilidad a tal punto de que los enamorados a punto de casarse se toman fotos para sus recuerdos. El sendero de palmas, el estanque de peces, la fuente de agua con el Cristo de Corcovado de fondo son lugares para recordar por siempre…

Guillermo Alejandro Geney, Colombia.
By the lake and practicing Portuguese.
By the lake and practicing Portuguese.

Fun at Jardim Botânico, that was our RioLIVE! Our Portuguese students had the opportunity to visit one of the most popular and beautiful places in Rio de Janeiro, Jardim Botânico. Our group was formed by students from Colombia, Argentina, Poland and Costa Rica, right at the beginning of this RioLIVE!, they were really excited to visit and to have fun at Jardim Botânico, they could talk and know each better, in Portuguese of course.

We started walking around and seeing the different kinds of plants that this place has, with each step our students couldn’t  resist and took many pictures, they really liked the jackfruit trees there. They made a lot of questions about the history of place and also about the activities that people do there. At some point of this visit, it started raining but it wasn’t enough to stop them having fun at Jardim Botânico.

Our Portuguese students finished this RioLIVE! by the lake inside Jardim Botânico, really happy and satisfied with one more expericence. What about you? What are you waiting for to study Portuguese, have fun and see the best places in Rio de Janeiro, come to Rio & Learn and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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