Fun forró

Fun forró

A fun forró class with an student smiling
A fun forró class!

Forro comes from the english ‘for all’ which sums up this dance quite well, as if i could learn it in one hour it truly is for all! The class started off with basis side steps and then added in forward and back steps as well as movement in a circular motion. It was a great oppportunity to break the ice with classmates. After standing on each others toes several times there was no ice left to break. Good fun, don’t miss it!!

Greg Kirby, UK

Have you ever experienced a fun forró class? Don’t you know what forró is? In Brasil, forró is almost so popular as samba, specially in the Northeastearn region of the country where you can dance forró everywhere.

Yesterday our students from France, UK, Italy and Sweden enjoyed a fun forró class as they were practizing there Portuguese and getting together. At the beginning some of them were worried about the difficulty of the dance, but they learned very fast and in less of one hour they were already dancing very well as smiles and laughs were everywhere on the class. All the class was with a professional dancer talking in Portuguese, keeping our students practizing their Portuguese.

See on the next video how this forró class was and see how you can dance in just one hour class 😉

See some pictures of our class:

CIMG6736 CIMG6729 CIMG6730 CIMG6731 CIMG6732 CIMG6734

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