Fun Friday night in Lapa

We had a fun Friday Night in Lapa.
We had a fun Friday Night in Lapa.
We had a fun Friday Night in Lapa.

Out on the town with classmates from all over the world – too fun! It was a great experience to converse with my new friends in Portuguese while listening to an old school samba group and then making our own caipirinhias.
Fun while learning! I also love that my teachers are so organized and make sure everyone gets home safely. They really care about us.

Dawn Riddle, United States


When you get to the area, you can’t miss but see the Arcos da Lapa. That’s when our fun night started.

Our night was awesome. It started by the Municipal Theater and ended with a delicious Caipirinha class. Check out the pictures of Lapa RioLive! on our Facebook page.

See below how our last Lapa visits were 😉
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