Fun Friday with samba!

Sexta-feira na Pedra do Sal

Pedra do Sal is the best place to start AND end your week! On Mondays and Fridays, there is a big party in a plaza that spills out onto the streets. Venders are lined up selling food and drinks, including every flavor of caipirinha that you can imagine. There are even brigadeiros mágicos for those who are more adventurous. On Friday, about 20 of us went from the school and several of the professors. We drank, laughed, and danced near a band that was playing samba. We practiced our Portuguese without thinking twice—the best way to learn is by having fun. Can’t wait for the next one! Monday is already here…

Kristine W. United States

Samba at Pedra do Sal

A fun Friday with samba was what had at Pedra do Sal with RioLIVE! After a long week with classes, our students spent their Friday night visiting one of the best places in Rio to enjoy samba and have fun. We were a big and lively group willing to make the most of our night and we did it! A fun Friday with samba!

Foreigners in Rio

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