Fun, Nature and Drinks

11 de July de 2017
Fun, Nature and Drinks.
Fun, Nature and Drinks.

De RioLIVE! wandeling door Park Lage was een absolute beleza! Prachtige architectuur, tuinen, de escola de artes visuais; en bij alles even stilstaan voor de Portugese vertaling. Super leuk & leerzaam! Muito obrigado ao guia turΓ­stico Diogo!

Danielle Henriquez, The Netherlands.

Fun, Nature and Drinks.
Having some drinks and practicing Portuguese at Parque Lage

We enjoyed our last RioLIVE! with a lot fun, nature and drinks at Parque Lage. Our Portuguese students started this RioLIVE! inside the Arts School at the park and also its the architecture.

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After seeing the classical building, it was time to walk around and explore everything that Parque Lage has to offer, they were really eager to do it.

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Β And we finished our RioLIVE! having some drinks and exploring our Portuguese skills and having fun, nature and drinks.

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