Fun, Nature and Drinks

Diversão, Natureza e Bebidas
Fun, Nature and Drinks.
Fun, Nature and Drinks.

De RioLIVE! wandeling door Park Lage was een absolute beleza! Prachtige architectuur, tuinen, de escola de artes visuais; en bij alles even stilstaan voor de Portugese vertaling. Super leuk & leerzaam! Muito obrigado ao guia turístico Diogo!

Danielle Henriquez, The Netherlands.

Fun, Nature and Drinks.
Having some drinks and practicing Portuguese at Parque Lage

We enjoyed our last RioLIVE! with a lot fun, nature and drinks at Parque Lage. Our Portuguese students started this RioLIVE! inside the Arts School at the park and also its the architecture.

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After seeing the classical building, it was time to walk around and explore everything that Parque Lage has to offer, they were really eager to do it.

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 And we finished our RioLIVE! having some drinks and exploring our Portuguese skills and having fun, nature and drinks.

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