Fun, Portuguese and Beach Volley

Fun, Portuguese and Beach Volley.
Portuguese students playing beach volley on the beach.
A great afternoon with Portuguese and beach volley.

Volleyball yeahh Am Nachmittag sind wir zum Strand gegangen und haben unserer sportlichen Seite gezeigt, dass wir Spaß haben und üben können, was wir vorher im Unterricht gelernt haben. Wir werden nie das Vokabular vergessen: “Autsch!”, “Mein Knie tut weh, ich kann nicht.” Oder: “Was ist das?”, “Poha Caraa haben wir gewonnen!” Ein sehr lustiger Nachmittag.

Miriam Blaufuks, Germany.

Foreigners playing beach volley on the beach.
Showing their skills and playing tight matches!

There are many different ways to enjoy the beach, with fun, Portuguese and beach volley is just one of them. Our Portuguese students did it in this RioLIVE!, they spent the afternoon playing beach volley at Copacabana beach.

From Germany, Argentina and Algeria, they were really excited and looking foward to playing it. The weather wasn’t so good earlier, but thanks to their positive vibrations the sun came out and helped us. First we learned some expressions and techniques used in this sport, step by step they could get used to everything. During some tight and good matches, they could interact among themselves practice the Portuguese that they have learned inside their classes.

An awesome afternoon with fun, Portuguese and beach volley. What about you? Come to Rio & Learn, to study Portuguese and also take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

Portuguese students visiting the beach.
The best students and players!

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