Fun and samba at Pedra do Sal

Fun and samba at Pedra do Sal

Fun and samba at Pedra do Sal.
Fun and samba at Pedra do Sal.


Yasuhiro Takeda, Japan.

Last Friday, even with the rain, we had fun and samba at Pedra do Sal. To get our night off on the right foot we had a dinner and some caipirinhas while we talked Portuguese, it was a great opportunity for the students from group classes to meet the students from private classes.

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This time, the roda de samba (samba jamming session) at Pedra do Sal was different and it wasn’t outdoors because of the bad weather but inside a bar. And who said our night wouldn’t be fun? Samba, along with some caipirinhas, cheered us and we tried some samba steps.
sam_3488-rio-learn sam_3489-rio-learn sam_3490-rio-learn sam_3491-rio-learn sam_3492-rio-learn sam_3493-rio-learn sam_3495-rio-learn
We danced and had tons of fun. It was a great way to have a Friday night full of fun and samba.
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