Fun, volleyball and caipirinhas

Fun, volleyball and caipirinhas

Fun, volleyball and caipirinhas.
Fun, volleyball and caipirinhas.

J´ai participe hier a une activite de voley sur la plage de Copacabana avec l ecole Rio & learn. Puis nous nous sommes baigne et avons pris l apero au coucher du soleil. Bref perdre au voley du coup c est pas grave,  mais se baigner au coucher de soleil puis prendre un verre sur la plage . Le pied. Viva la vida!

Hubert Bonnier, France.

On our Tuesday afternoon there was a lot of fun, volleyball and caipirinhas at the beach in this RioLIVE!. First we met at Rio & Learn to gather all the “players” and make this activity very interactive and enjoyable for all the students. Upon arriving at the beach, all players warmed themselves up and trained a little bit to get ready for the big match. It was a hard-fought duel, head to head, between Gonzalo’s (Chile) team and Lara’s (Germany) team, which was the winner. This game really helped the students to practice portuguese and interact with each other, making the conversation easier.

SAM_0920 Rio & Learn SAM_0931 Rio & Learn SAM_0943 Rio & Learn SAM_0945 Rio & Learn SAM_0961 Rio & Learn

At the end, we sat next to the sea to chat and drink the famous caipirinha, enjoying the nice weather and the beautiful and charming landscape of Copacabana beach. Come and have fun with Rio & Learn taking part in the RioLIVE! activities!

20160726_171227_LLS 20160726_172018_LLS

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