Learn Portuguese with fun

The human brain contains a lot of information and can store even more when we feel at ease and not bored. In fact, there is evidence that the more relaxed and engaged we are, the better we learn and retain new knowledge. Why not learn Portuguese with fun?

Traditionally, we are used to learning a new language with a similar method used when we were children. Unfortunately, this learning is based more on obligation and regiment rather than on engagement and enjoyment.

With Rio & Learn’s Funlearning method, enjoyment and entertainment is central to language presentation, exploration and use; having fun while learning words and everyday expressions and further stimulating your desire to learn more.

Our teachers use our Funlearning method to continuously engage their students in an entertaining and dynamic way to encourage participation.

The classes prioritize activities that generate conversation and enhance the goal of learning a language – the better communication of our thoughts and of how we feel. After all, our goal to learn languages is to communicate well with more people.

Studying in Rio de Janeiro with Rio & Learn is the ideal way to practice Funlearning, 24 hours a day. You can discover our students having fun by following our activities on our RioLIVE! Blog, every day, Monday to Friday, and you’ll enjoy an activity while learning.

With Rio & Learn’s Funlearning, students learn Portuguese with fun. Visit Rio & Learn and start learning Portuguese without realizing!