Gas Station in Portuguese

5 de March de 2015

Hey friends! Let’s take a look at one more Portuguese Dica for foreigners! Today we are talking aboutย The Gas Station in Portuguese. And as you know, we are in Rio de Janeiro, so you’ll learn vocabulary about visiting a gas station in Brazilian Portuguese.

Do you drive? Do you like driving? Can you imagine visiting Brazil and taking a road trip? That’s nice right? So, to prepare you for when you come study Portuguese in Rio, we’re going to study all the vocabulary you’ll need to use a car in Brazil!

Vocabulary about Gas Station in Portuguese

O posto de gasolina The gas station
A gasolina Gasoline
O รกlcool Alcohol (ethanol)
O รณleo diesel Diesel
Abastecer o carro / Encher o tanque To fill up the tank
O frentista The attendant
A ducha The car wash
O tanque de GNV The CNG (gas) tank
A bomba Pump
O capรด Hood / Bonnet
O Para-brisa Windshield
ย A alavanca Leverย 
ย O galรฃo Gallonย 
ย O cilindro Cylinderย 
Desenroscar a tampa da gasolina Unscrew the gas cap
Este carro รฉ movido a _______ This car runs on _______
Abrir o porta-malas Pop the trunk
ย Dar a volta Drive aroundย 
O Pneu Tire

Now let’s listen to the pronunciation of some of there words:

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Pictures at the Gas Station in Portuguese

Now let’s take a look at some pictures:

O frentista:

The attendant in Portuguese: o frentista.
Car photo created by prostooleh –

A ducha:

Vocabulary about gas station in Portuguese. Car wash in Portuguese: a ducha.
Paul Brennan by Pixabay

A gasolina / O diesel:

Vocabular about gas station in Portuguese: Gasoline: a gasolina. Diesel: diesel.
David ROUMANET by Pixabay


Abastecer o carro/tanque:

Vocabulary about gas station in Portuguese. To fill up the tank in Portuguese: Abastecer o carro.
Rudy and Peter Skitterians by Pixabay

O posto de gasolina:

Gas Station in Portuguese: o posto de gasolina.
FROET by Pixabay

Are these pictures similar to the gas stations in your country?

Now it’s your turn!

To check if you really got everything you need about this vocabulary, complete this quiz!

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So, do you have a car? Is it an economical one? Did you know that we have some amazing beaches in Rio? We can take a road trip together and go visit some of our beautiful beaches in Barra da Tijuca!

We’ll be waiting for you there!
See you!

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