How to get a Brazilian student Visa?

Wondering how to get a Brazilian student Visa?
For people who are coming for a long term Portuguese course (more than 90 days), Rio & Learn is going to help you in the Student Visa process. We can send the necessary documents to you so you can apply for your Visa in your country or provide a customized service that will guide you in the whole process.
But, if you are coming for less than 90 days, we recommend you enter into Brazil using a Tourist Visa. You don’t need a Student Visa.

Let’s see how to get a Brazilian Student Visa:

How to get a Brazilian Student Visa to enjoy Rio de Janeiro.

How to get assistance?

1st: Go to our Registration Form.
2nd: Fill in the form selecting the course and the type of Visa assistance.
3rd: Pay the course and the Visa assistance.
4th: Rio & Learn will send the payment confirmation and instructions to your e-mail.

What services do we offer?

Letter of Acceptance (Do it by yourself)

The only document that a student needs from the educational institution to be able to apply for a Student Visa is a Letter of Acceptance. Rio & Learn will send the letter of acceptance attesting that the student is registered and has paid for the course. The letter will be notarized, signed and stamped and you will receive it in a few days in your mail by express delivery.

What is included: Letter, Notary’s services and the Express Delivery (DHL);
Price: 600 reais

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Student Visa Service

Getting a Student Visa is a process with lots of bureaucracy, and that needs time. To help you and to make sure that everything is going to work, Rio & Learn is going to provide the letter of acceptance and a customized service that will assist you in getting your Visa approval. You will have the support of a professional lawyer in the Student Visa application process.

What is included:

A) Before arrival:

  • letter of acceptance (express delivery).
  • consultation and clarification of questions.
  • sending of a list of documents to be provided.
  • sending models required by the consulate.
  • consignment (express delivery) of the legalized letter.
  • visa application in the consulate (online system).
  • scheduling at the consulate (when necessary).

Not included: printings, consular fee payment (vary), copies and authentications, which are made by the student in the country of origin.

B) After the student’s entry in Brazil:

  • consultation and clarification of doubts.
  • sending of a list of documents to be provided.
  • application for registration (online system).
  • sending of Protocol and Schedule of the appointment at Polícia Federal.
  • sending of payment fees.
  • clear instructions on how to proceed on the Federal Police Office.
  • sending the addresses of notary and Federal Police.

Not included: printings, Polícia Federal fees, copies and authentications.

Price: 1.600 reais

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Ps.: In some cases the documents can take up to 4 weeks to be ready by your Consulate, and usually after that you need 15 days for the consulate appointment. That’s why we recommend that you start the Visa process 50 days before your arrival date. Please, keep that in mind.

For inquiries and questions please send an email to You can also reach us by Skype rioandlearn or WhatsApp +55 21 972 026 037.

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