Getting to know each other at the beach

Getting to know each other at the beach

Getting to know each other at the beach
Getting to know each other at the beach

Yesterday afternoon for our RioLIVE! activity we enjoyed a game of beach volley while enjoying the lovely scenery of Copacabana beach. Beach volley is a very popular sport among Cariocas, but for many of us studying at Rio and Learn it was our first time playing this game.We all got into the team spirit and played several games together. However, Pablos team had better luck and won.Whether we won or lost, we all had a lovely time and I think some of us will be back to practice before our next game!

Jessica Schofield-Wood, England.

It was interesting to spend the afternoon getting to know each other at the beach. We had all the elements to have a great afternoon at Copacabana beach: A lot of sun, excited people and new students at Rio & Learn.  It was a great way to practice Portuguese while the beginner students presented themselves to the advanced ones.
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Before starting the game we needed to do a warm up so that everyone was ready to compete for the match. We had an exciting serves competition then we started the match. There were two teams, one with the Captain Melinda and the other with the Captain Vanessa. They were very competitive and fun matches.
sam_2283-rio-learn sam_2284-rio-learn sam_2285-rio-learn sam_2286-rio-learn
In the end, Team Vanessa won. Our RioLIVE! put Portuguese Practice and fun together and help our students get to know each outher at the beach.
sam_2287-rio-learn sam_2288-rio-learn sam_2289-rio-learn
Come meet Rio & Learn and have fun with the RioLIVE! Activities.

Check how were our last Beach Volley RioLIVE!:

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