At the top of the Gigantic Tijuca Forest.

Der Wald von Tijuca ist auf jeden Fall einen Tagestrip wert um sich sportlich zu betätigen. Von der Bergspitze auf 1.021m hat man einen fantastischen Blick über Rio de Janeiro und gleichzeitig überblickt man den gesamten Wald. Ein schöner Wasserfall mit Bademöglichkeit rundet den Ausflug ab.

Björn Winkelmann, Germany

A shy monkey came to say hello!

The six of us took the Sunday to explore the gigantic Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro. Björn and Marek are really used to hiking, differently from the others. The water at Cascatinha Taunay was perfect and the view from the top of Pico da Tijuca is simply breathtaking. Björn took his drone with him and made great shots of the forest.

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Relaxing at Cascatinha Taunay. A waterfall inside the Tijuca Forest in Rio de Janeiro.

Relaxing at Cascatinha Taunay

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